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Run For A Life

May 16 th


May 16th started with the Memorial "Run For A Life" run with Victoria Gianninoto and some hard-core running enthusiasts from the Sayville Running Group. Members ran from Holbrook to Bay Shore , a total of 21 miles, with the last stop at the Matt Bell Jr and Sean Creamer memorial bench. Others joined in or ended at various points of the run.

We had a fantastic ending that was skated, walked and cheered on by those encouraging the runners' ending! (Bench is located in the park across from the Half Penny Pub on Main Street.)
Later that evening, family and friends gathered at Farrell's to celebrate with live music, food,  and great company to pay homage to a very missed person missing from their lives; Matthew Bell, Jr. A great time was had by all who attended.



Raised Over


Thanks to ALL of YOU! 

Victoria Gianninoto

The Matt Bell Jr. Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was started with love from wonderful friends and family to bring awareness of cardiac illnesses to families with young individuals. Having lived with this situation ourselves, we thought it was equally important to help provide "normal" lives to families that are currently facing these life-threatening conditions. 

How Can I Help?

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