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Matthew Bell Jr. Memorial SkateJam (2013)

The House of Vans hosted a very special invitational event this weekend to celebrate the late Matthew Bell Jr., son of our good friend and OG New York skateboarder – Matt Bell. Travelling from all over, friends and family came together in celebration & spirit. Matt Bell’s OG skate family was also out in full effect including: Gino Iannucci, Ryan Hickey, Alex Corporan, the Decamps, Ivan Perez, Ray Mate, Peter Bici, Gizmo, Eric “The Ronz” Rosetti, Peter Huynh, Danny Supa and the Keefe brothers just to name a few!

The evening was filled with a great vibe, dope music via P.F. Cuttin’, free drinks, pizza and of course great skateboarding. In the end Matt Bell thanked everyone for coming out in support arousing cheers from the crowd.


We hope to see Vans do another memorial jam next year – Matthew Bell Jr. Forever!!

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